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Attention! WANTED a wise man for a wise womanWink Actually, I do not like to praise myself, but I’m not a little girl already, and I really know what I want. My registration here is not a silly pastime. I will not waste my time in vain on a man, who have not decided what exactly he is looking for here. I have no time for this. What I'm looking for here? just look on my nick name on this site) it seems I should tell something about myself here.. so from what should I start?.. well, I have several works, I earn good, and I don’t want to stop) usually in the first half of the day I have a few lessons in secondary school, after noon I have private English lessons, but besides I try to improve my skills like as a philologist, also sometimes I give private lessons in English through Skype in the evening. And also on weekends I take a few documents for translation, I do it as a translator-editor. I like to work, I feel me so empty if I have no some goal in my life.. I am the only child in the family, and of course I live alone in my own four-room apartment, I live in the center of Kiev not far from my mother's apartment. Also we have a family vacation cottage near Kiev, in Obukhov. And if I’ll move to another country, then I’ll sell this house to have some good financial support for my life in another country for the first time. Sometimes I need more time for traveling, but I am lazy to do it alone.. yes, I have no many friends)… My last trip was to Turkey, I have an international passport, and for me is not a problem to get a visa in some country for travel, I have good friends in the local tourist companyWink sometimes when I have a free time, I'm going to dance lessons, I like plasty, I need to feel when my body can be sOo plastic, I have an annual pass for the different types of dance and yoga. What else can I say?.. I do not like watch TV, but if I do it, then I like to watch thrillers and mystical movies. My favorite music is blues, jazzzzz…))) my favorite food is seafood.. Is not it too much I have written now?)). I am over 30 years old, and I do not want the young man for my life. I need a wise and experienced man. Because I do not want to spend time on male test. I just need a calm, mature and level-headed gentleman, I dream about quiet family happiness .. I have had a relationship with a man, who was older than me by 30 years, it was better than when I had a relationship with my coeval.. because I really appreciate the wisdom in a men, which is acquired only over the years. Why we broke up? He went back to his wife ... yes ... and I do not want the same story again.