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About me

I am greatest enthusiast you can ever imagine! Smile I am very affable and like new people in my life. My doors always open 24/7 for my friends and relatives, because they know where to go if something happened. Life wasn’t kind and sweet with me and in my young age I have learned to solve problems. In fact, I even take them as some challenge I need to win. Often I hear I am too passionless and indifferent. But it’s only externally. Deep inside I am real volcano Smile and sometimes can explode))) Joking, of course, but as I like to say, there is always a little joke in every joke Wink I like to do everything like I feel to do it and that is why when I hear unsolicited advices, I simply ignore it. Perhaps, that is why I don’t have many friends. I’m too old fashioned in this question: prefer to have a few close people I’d be sure in, than having a hundred and none of them will call me and ask how am I. Somehow people became so lonely in this world. Do you have your own answer for this question? As a rule, I am quite vigorous and it’s taking some time to get relax for me Smile But there is some little weakness of mine you have to know about: if I am too tired, I can be too emotional. But after your tender hug, sweet kiss and a kind word you whisper to my ear, I am nice and fluffy again I do not need a man to be WITH. I need a man I can’t be WITHOUT. Simple game of words, but it’s all about my feelings. I need a man I can be myself with. All games about ‘who-is-main’ – it’s not for me. You have to be enough confident to be with me. It may sounds too arrogantly, but listen: if you are confident about yourself, you do not have to change me. Change my habits, my way of life, my way of thinking. It all should come naturally. I am a single mother, raising nine-years-old son. My son is my sun. So, if we are together, of course I cannot make you love my son, but respect is the main I need. Only strong man can be with strong woman and make her fell happy. Are you that man?